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About Us
Great Lakes Imaging is a full-service aerial photography and printing business serving the needs of both commercial and residential clients. Our goal is to work with each client to provide the images needed for a variety of applications including marketing, construction development, and sale of commercial and residential properties and raw land.

We use the latest Canon camera technology and can provide digital files, printing, mounting, and laminating services.  The sophistication of our streamlined service line is the characteristic that makes our company standout from the competition. Our mission is to provide spectacular images for our clients at an affordable price.

We are based in Waukesha Wisconsin, located two miles from the Waukesha County Airport (Spring City Aviation). Our territory includes South East Wisconsin and North East Illinois allowing us to focus on clients in the Milwaukee, Madison and the Chicago area. We have worked on projects nationwide as far west as California and as far east as Pennsylvania. Our photographer Josh Wilson has been shooting digital photography for over 10 years and merged his passion of flying and photography since 2003.

Aircraft   Equipment
We use the reliable and time tested Cessna 172. This maneuverable aircraft allows us to fly at slow speeds and capture clear photos from any nearly any angle and alititude.   Our digital imaging equipment consists of full frame Canon cameras and lenses. Our large format printer is a Mimaki JV33-160 Eco Solvent Printer. This allows us to print 1,440 dpi full color photo prints up to 63" inches wide.

Great Lakes Imaging - Professional Aerial Photographer & Imaging Specialists
Waukesha / Milwaukee Wisconsin
Phone: (414) 403-3394   Fax: (262) 798-5260