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Aerial Photography Photo Enhancing & Rendering Printing, Mounting & Lamination
Great Lakes Imaging merges state of the art technology with talented photographers to get the images our clients desire. Our mission is to provide affordable and quality aerial photographic services while offering the best customer service.

Each assignment is performed by a dedicated commercial pilot and one of our aerial photographers. Once photos have been captures they can be delivered via email, mailed on CD or printed within 24 hours of an aerial assignment
Once assignment photos have been captured, these images can be enhanced or altered to the specifications of our clients.

These changes can include basic color enhancements to more elaborate improvements such as the addition of overlying 3D construction plot maps to the alterations of structures and landscapes to illustrate engineering plans.

We are equipped with large format eco-solvent printers and lamination equipment, all under one roof to benefit our clients with convenience and cost savings.

Large format photos, mounted prints, to economical brochures and fliers are just a few examples of the products we offer utilizing the aerial images
we capture.

Enquire about additional quick print options that you may need if they are not listed on our site.


An oblique aerial photograph is made with the camera directed out and down at an angle from the aircraft (not straight out and not straight down).

Vertical aerial photography is accomplished with the camera directed so it points directly downward.

Low Altitude Oblique (between 1,000 - 1,500 feet)
This method is used to emphasize building profiles and offers the greatest amount of detail when the object or property of interest to be photographed is relatively small in size. This is typically the lowest we can fly in most residential and commercial townships.

Medium Altitude Oblique (between 1,500 - 3,000 feet)
This vantage point captures a wider view than the low altitude oblique. Clients prefer medium altitude oblique's to emphasizing a site's proximity to retail or community centers, entertainment venues or restaurants, industrial parks, schools and medical facilities.

Both Low and Medium oblique photos offer:
Front and vertical aspect of buildings.
It can show a greater area of the ground looking into the distance.
It can give a better perspective of height in surrounding terrain and buildings.
It provides a more dramatic vantage point than vertical.

Vertical Photography (1,000-10,000 feet)
This is shot with the camera facing directly downward. The advantage of this viewpoint is that the scale of all objects essentially stays constant. Measurements of directions are easier to calculate and visualize. Vertical photography disguises the relative height variations of buildings and landscape.

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