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Costco, New Berlin WI

Land Development Aerial Photography, Progress Reporting

Log Cabin, Southern Wisconsin

2015, Milwaukee WI

Hilton Hotel, Milwaukee

Estate Home, River Hills

Lakefront View, Milwaukee WI

Ship Shape Marine, Lake Geneva

Home Construction, Genesee Wisconsin

Summerfest, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Plot Map Overlay on Aerial Photo

Wisconsin Memorial Park, Brookfield Wisconsin

Miller Park Stadium, Milwaukee Wisconsin

MSOE Building, Milwaukee WI

Westmoor Country Club, Brookfield Wisconsin

Construction Site Aerial Photos

Golf Courses: Provide golf members with a unique and unforgettable view of their escape from the world. These are ideal for brochures and promotional campaigns or simply have large prints mounted for the clubhouse and to help golfers strategize on the most challenging holes. Also, use these photos for website, email and computer software applications. Contact us to discuss and plan for ideal conditions and seize the moment to produce spectacular views of your beautiful golf course.

Need a gift for that person who has everything? This is the ticket for homeowners. Surprise them with a framed photograph for them to appreciate within their home. Aerial photos of homes are also idea for promotional literature when the time comes to sell your home. We know how to make each property look outstanding.

Churches: Some of the most graceful and unique buildings are churches. Aerial photos are the best way to capture their gracefulness and beauty. Aerial Pictures of your church can be utilized in the church directory, newsletter, website, email, etc.

Universities and Schools: Have students get the big picture. Aerial photos of your school are fantastic to use on the cover of yearbooks, school website, or have us create custom banners for pep rallies or unique break away banners for football games.

Air-to-Air: You passion is flying and your aircraft is enjoyable to admire because of it's artful fusion of design and function. A great way to enjoy this passion is to have your airplane photographed from the air. Once photographed, we can print and frame them for your office or for the Hanger lounge. Aerial photos of aircraft make a perfect gift idea.

Business: Help attract customer’s attention and differentiate yourself from competitors. Aerial photos are ideal to accomplish this task and are an economical business expensive due to the flexibility of using these images in all forms of advertising.

Engineers, Contractors and Landscapers: The birds-eye view is invaluable when it comes to helping workers and sub-contractors conventionalize and communicate construction site planning. Aerial photographs show all the details of the job site and surrounding area in one or several easy to understand snapshots. These photos become a valuable tool before, during and after completion of a construction site. Aerial photos are also a great tool for Measuring progress or depicting award winning architectural design.

Special Events: Concerts, weddings, automotive rallies, or anything that is BIG and Outdoors is a candidate for aerial photography. Give us a call and tell us about your unique event idea.



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